Monday, January 18, 2016

Three kids

I read an article the other day talking about how three kids is easier than two. I couldn't agree more. For me personally at least. I felt it took the words right out of my mouth. First off it mentions that you finally believe "this too shall pass" I have been a mother long enough to know now that kids have phases. If it's a bad one you work through it and know you'll survive, if it's a good one you hold on to them and cherish every moment. The sleepless nights pass, teething, diaper blowouts, sneaking into your bed at night, kicking and screaming in the grocery store aisles, the pushing. It all passes. You teach them and try to find a way to discipline that works for both child and you. But the great things pass to. Holding them swaddled in your arms, the soft coos in the bassinet next to you all night, learning to talk and trying to make out what they say. I could go on forever with all the things the kids do I will miss so much when they stop. I know now how fast it can go and wanting to soak up every second.

Also when I had Ember, Ty wasn't even two yet. He still needed so much of my attention. Don't get me wrong I loved being a mother of two and cherish those memories dearly. They both just needed my 100%. I wanted so badly to give them  both that 100% but I struggled trying to find a way to keep them both happy and keep my sanity. It took a lot out of me physically and emotionally. I just learned to take a lot of deep breaths and hold them close. However with our third, now  Ty is five and Ember is three. They play so well together and can do a few things on their own. They are both potty trained, can get dressed by themselves and Ty can even make his lunch. Now most days I still get Ember dressed but Ty loves to do it himself and I usually always make their lunch but there are those days when we are running late or I need help and ask Ty to make he and Ember lunch. He puts together pb&j sandwiches, crackers, banana and some fruit snacks. It's truly such a help to have both my "big helpers" around. They both love to help bath Aiden, get his diapers, pick out his clothes and snuggle him. Ty often holds Aiden while I vacuum, make dinner or shower. 

I also think once you have a child you can't imagine life with out them. From the first moment you hold them in your arms... that's it, life has changed. You change. That little baby is now apart of you. So no matter how hard things get or how dirty your house is... you can still sit down and hold your sweet baby and watch your big kids play and feel blessed beyond imagination to have them.

I no longer believe that there are "good days and bad" as a mother. Every day has good and bad in it. For me me its "good and bad moments" even if Ty and Ember are screaming or Ember refuses to get dressed and we are late for wherever it is we're suppose to be, they still hug and kiss me through the day and say "love you mama" ❤️ Or even if we're playing a game as a family and they start to fight over who is the winner or who gets what we're still sitting around together playing and making memories. There is also absolutely nothing sweeter to me than tucking my kids in at night, kissing their sweet cheeks and hearing them say goodnight mama. Then sneaking in their room after they have fallen asleep just to watch them breath. 

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  1. I love the confidence in my parenting that just came naturally with #3! My middle daughter really struggled at first but now they are best buds. Three is really a great number :)


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