Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pregnant with sweet baby Aiden

I would love to say this pregnancy was wonderful and beautiful and although a lot of days were, most days were very painful. I had Braxton hicks most of the second and third trimester and everything seemed to hurt from pretty early on. Sitting, standing, walking, sleeping. It all hurt. No matter how much pain I was in I still enjoyed the little things. Feeling him move, his hiccups, thinking about what he was going to look like and daydream about holding and kissing him, reading him stories. The love I had for him in my belly was strong and I couldn't wait to meet him. 

The third trimester was filled with much anxiety on delivery. Ty and Embers birth was hard on us all. Very long extended stays in the hospital, much blood loss, blood transfusions....there was so much fear that history would repeat itself. I had to work hard at relaxing and keeping calm. His birth came and well that's a story for another post ❤️

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  1. Im sorry that your third pregnancy was so hard on you... but you looked absolutely blooming throughout! Just gorgeous! x


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