Tuesday, March 4, 2014

fruitloop rainbow craft

Well March is here. Where the heck is the year going? I seriously feel like it should be January. Yikes... anyways.. I have been seeing this rainbow craft all over pinterest lately and have been wanting to make it with Ty for the past few days. Today was a pretty chill day so we went down to the lobby at our apartment and borrowed a few white cups (haha they can be used for things other than coffee right?!)  So then Ty and I sorted out all the fruitloops for about ten minutes. I drew on the colors so he could have a guide to where to put the fruitloops.

I sat next to him and put hot glue down two inches at a time. I put it on the lowest setting and blew on it as he was putting them on. It never burned him and he loved it.

add a few cotton balls and you have a cute rainbow and a happy toddler...

 While making this Ty said things like

"thank you mom for us making this"
"mom i can eat it as i make it.."
"mom this is so colorful"
"mom my favorite is red, green, blue, purple, orange and yellow"
"mom...ember no eat these just me...ok mom"
"mom lets make these ever day...mom. ok mom"

 Happy March :)

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