Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Disney Books

I found about five of these books one day walking around goodwill. The book section is always the first place I go. I saw them and  fell in love with the big beautiful pictures. I had to have them all. For 50 cents a piece I didn't mind. I brought them home and the kids fell in love with them as well. It takes us about three nights to get through one book. Way better than watching the movies:)

The house will be quiet and I start to get nervous... So I run into the kids room and there they are reading books... when I catch them like this my heart melts!

Ember usually grabs Snow White. Mother like daughter I guess. She happens to be my favorite princess as well. Ty loves Hercules. He likes the "Scary guy" Hades scares me but Ty says he is funny... So its all good! Now I am determined to find them all.. O I only have about fifteen more to thrift. Better get looking!


  1. So cool! Take mom thrifting and send her home with some stuff for me!!!!


thanks for putting a smile on my face today with your comment:)