Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kids room update

We have made a few changes to the kids room.

I have to admit the kids room is probably my favorite room in the house. Its definitely where we play the most. I love all the bright colors..It just feels so happy. 

Ty got a couple train sets for Christmas so play time is more like train time for us now days.

Ember carries her dolls around now about as much as her caterpillars. 


  1. Tys iS so big, I can hardly believe it. And ember, she looks like a totally different lady from when I last saw her! Their room looks so cute! Love the bunk beds! And all the colors are ao fun - they're so lucky to call you mama and all you do for them. Your homemade gifts are soo cute! Can't wait to see what you whip up for valentinea day!

  2. Ahh, their room looks great. My two share a bedroom and it definitely makes it fun with regards to decor because it has to suit everyone. My kids' room is my favourite in the house too. x


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