Thursday, August 15, 2013

Finger Paint

Remember the one time Ty and I made finger paint? I found the tutorial here and loved it! Jayson officially started school so the littles and I have been needing to fill some time spent home all day. Ty liked the finger paint then but loved it now. He is a little bigger and can paint more than make a mess. Don't get me wrong he still makes a big mess but rather than him just enjoying making the mess this time he also enjoyed mixing the colors and seeing them change. Also making patterns and swirles on the paper and seeing what he could create. He helped from start to finish. Measuring out the ingredients and stirring the mixture clear to cleaning up the paper and wiping up spilled paint. This paint washes off counters super easy. I laid a big sheet underneath his chair to protect the carpet but some still managed to get on it. Luckily it also washes off easy. Nothing some soap and water can't take care of.

 The paint took about fifteen minutes to make and was very easy.  Its also a very cheap project. Only taking three ingredients I am sure you already have in your cupboards. Go here for the full tutorial and recipe.

Ty liked to watch the mixture get thicker and thicker. Just be careful when you take it off the stove and transfer it into the container its very hot. Duh it just got off the stove right! Let it cool for a while before mixing in the food coloring or your poor fingers will get hurt.

Ty was busy for an hour and a half. Plus if you don't use it all in one setting...that is totally possible if your kid likes to make piles of paint like Ty does. But if you do have some left over slip it in the fridge and pull it out another day. 

Ty has definitely turned into my little artist! Always coloring, painting, drawing... Anything he can get his hands onto.

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  1. I sooo love being inspired to do more craft! Craft is the best thing for their little minds..I just loved this post so much I put it on my latest shout out post!!
    Such a good read!


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