Friday, August 30, 2013

Apartment love -living room-

Here is another sneak peek into our home. Did you see the kids room?? The living room still needs a few things... more pillows... purple nick-naks and my 7' bamboo tree that should be here on Monday!! Other than that I really think it is coming together. My wonderful mama came to see us over Embers birthday and we did a few projects to make the apartment a little more like a home. It was so much fun and I miss her already! Eventually I will take wider framed shots and let you see the whole room.... as for now I hope you like the tease!! 


  1. What a fun seek peek! It looks like a nice place to live! Did you end up in Colorado? If so I hope you like it, we love it here! You kids are so adorable!

  2. Great pics girl! Can't wait to see it all!


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