Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer nights

Summer nights can't get any better. Jake and Savannah have had us all over to the house almost every night this week. Working in the garden, planting grass and enjoying the fire pit. Last night we made hobo dinners and enjoyed some ice cream after. Ty actually ate his dinner and loved that it came out of the fire pit. Both he and M loved the drumsticks Nana brought over. I ate 99% of mine then gave the rest to M just to suck on. When we took it away to clean her off it broke her heart completely. I have never seen her cry so hard as when we take the sweets away.  

I love that summer nights can be 8:30 and still bright outside. It makes it harder to get the kids to bed at a good hour but when we do settle down they fall right to sleep. All it look last night was bath time, teeth brush, prayers and Ty crawled into his own bed and said "ni night" I kept thinking he was going to get up and come get in bed with us or need us to go sit by him but ten minutes later he was snoring. 

Long days full of lots of play and sun is just what bed time needs. 


  1. Oh those summer night! Tell me more, tell me more.. lol!

  2. Ahhh, love that photo of the four of you. It's so relaxed and gorgeous.
    Definitely sounds like you're enjoying the summer. x

  3. Those blue eyes are to die for!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Sounds amazing! I love eating outside in summer. Your daughter has gorgeous eyes!:)

  5. Sounds perfect! Ice cream is one of my favorite summer things!

  6. Looks like a great night! Sitting outside in the summer with some cold ice cream is the best!

  7. Your family is absolutely beautiful.

    Thanks so much for linking up :)

    xo Shane


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