Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life lately

I can not even begin to describe the joy I have been feeling lately.

Watching these two together melts my heart. 

Watching Ty as he watches Jayson... watching his eyes light up when he sees his daddy do something amazing. Watching, just knowing in his eyes his daddy is the coolest person on earth. 

Every night I pray over and over about how thankful I am for my family.
My husband who takes such good care of me and the love that we share.
For our healthy adorable little ones.
That I am their mother. 

I often have dreams about being a teenager again. I dream about being in high school or college. I am late for class or I don't know my schedule. Every time I do I am always either married, pregnant or with the kids. There I am in my dream running to class with Ember on my hip and Ty running shortly behind us. Or I am taking notes with my pregnant belly pushed up against the desk and Jayson making goo-goo eyes at me from across the room.

I kept thinking about why I would have Jayson and the kids in my dream if I was only in high school. One day I brought it up with my mom while we were talking about weird dreams. She told me there was nothing weird about that at all. That I have them in my dreams no mater what age I am because they are now a forever part of me. I will never, nor could ever picture my life with out them. I can truly never be whole with out them ever again. 

I love my family so much and am so thankful I can call them mine.  


  1. What a sweet post! Your family is blessed to have you! I know what you mean, every night I go to bed feeling so thankful. God is SO good to us!

  2. Love the pictures! Adorable family! Happy Friday!!

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