Thursday, May 2, 2013

what am i good at?

Pondering for a while nothing came to mind. I am not trying to put myself down. You see I just feel like I am moderately good at many things but not especially good at one. Nothing I feel I could educate anyone on. So I asked a few people what they thought I was good at. I got a few "making cute babies". As sweet and funny as that was I could not find a way to talk about it on here. A few people said things like sewing or crafting. Again I feel moderately good at these things. 

When I asked my husband he told me the answer I was looking for. 

"You are really good at being happy"

I do think I am good at being happy. I will share a few ways I know how to make sure I have a happy day. 

#1 Wake up early. For me there is nothing worse then sleeping in and missing half the day. The days I sleep in seem to always be non productive and I tend to get grouchy. 

#2 Say a morning prayer. I love morning prayers because to me they are so different then night prayers. In the morning I tend to pray in gratitude. Thanking my Heavenly Father for all the wonderful things in my life. Thanking for everything I can think of. I always am in a good mood when I am reminding myself of all my blessings. 

#3 Get ready. Yes even if I am not going anywhere for the day and the only people who are going to be seeing me are the Mr. and the littles I still do my hair, put make-up on and get dressed. Well sometimes I put a nice shirt on and wear PJ pants...weird I know. but I always feel happy when I feel good about the way I look.

#4 Eat breakfast as a family. The very best days always start when myself and the kids are all awake before Jayson goes to work and we eat breakfast together. 

#5 Play with my kids. Really play. Get down and play cars, steal each others noses, tickle, jump on the bed. Anything as long as it is true fun. 

#6 Read my scriptures. The peace I feel is indescribable. 

#7 Kiss the Mr. as many times as possible. 

#8 Say I love you as many times as possible. I am a firm believer that you can not tell your loved ones too much. If you feel it, say it. 

#9 Eat dinner together around the table and talk about your day. Even if it was bad. Talking together can make it way better and maybe you can even find something to laugh about. For instance its much easier to laugh with Jayson about Tys insane melt down in the grocery store. That I left a cart full of food in the aisle with Ty screaming and yelling "No mommy" on my hip while Ember is on the other hip fussing because Ty is freaking out. (yes that has happened more than once). You have to laugh after. 

#10 Expect there to be bad moments. I have learned with a toddler that there will be tantrums through out the day that I just can't control. I use to feel helpless and like I was failing as a mother. I have learned that Ty is not naughty, that im not a bad mom and that it happens. I try to go into the day expecting it sooner or later. So when it does I can handle it and remain calm. 

#11 Brush your teeth and Wash your face. I actually like to just shower before bed. I use to not do this tell I got married. Jayson always does so I started too. It feels so good to go to bed clean and refreshed. 

#12 Stretch. Your body will thank you for this. Not only will you sleep better but feel better through out the day.

#13 Drink lots of water. 

#14 Smile a lot. Even if your not happy. Try to be. Think of happy things. Having a positive attitude is contagious. If you think it enough it will happen.

#15 Go to bed happy. Think of things in your life you love. Think of things you are grateful for. Things that make you smile. Fall asleep thinking about them.

I think the most important thing to do to be able to be happy is try to make others happy as well. Think of others and how they are feeling. If you can make someone smile you wont be able to stop. 


  1. I can just tell how happy your are!

  2. Ahhh, here is another way that we are similar. My husband often says to me that I am the happiest person he knows. I'd just always rather see the good and positive than the bad, and once you start looking at the world that way it kind of becomes habit and then it's impossible not to be happy.

  3. I've been asking myself the SAME question lately.. I think I'm starting to get 'SAHM syndrome' ;/.. lol.

  4. Love your suggestions! I love that I already do some of them and can't want to start incorporating more of those things into my daily routine. Loves!
    PS, Jayson was spot on when he said you were good at being happy!!!


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