Friday, May 24, 2013

Phone pictures

 Summer makes me happy for a lot of reasons. I look forward to it all winter long. Winter and I are not on the best of terms. Having Ty made summers even better... We played in the pool almost every day last year. He loved it so much. Plus I was in my last trimester with Ember so the cool water on hot days felt amazing.

This summer I have even another reason to love this time of year more. Baby girl swimsuits. I die. Ember looks so freaking cute in her ladybug suit....I need to get a better picture and from the front so you can see the cuteness....Ahhhh this summer will be great. We totally plan to be outside in the pool just as much! I got blessed with water lovin babies.
 Embers hair didn't turn out light or curly like Tys. Ty definitely got my hair. Ty just looks like me all around. Ember on the other hand looks just like her daddy yet beautiful and girly. Her hair is now long enough for a little Pebbles ponytail. (Pebbles like on the Flinstones)... :)
 O dear, I never thought I would say this but potty training is pretty easy. Ty is more interested than I am. He loves to go to the bathroom in the big boy potty. I know if I pushed it just a little I could have him fully potty trained in days..The only reason I super hesitate is because our big move is coming up way soon and I hear kids regress when a big change happens.
 Painting has totally become a favorite in our house. Finger paint is the only way to go. This recipe is perfect for toddlers. Easy to clean up and non toxic.

Um do you see that stud up there driving the pink bike. Yes he took that to work. He is so so so so freaking cute.
 When your 2 year old and 9 month old weigh the same I guess its ok for your toddler to play in the baby toys right? Ty probably sat in the jump-jump for a half hour before he wanted to get out. Silly guy. O and this obsession with wearing a hat has melted my heart.
I am so grateful for my healthy kids. For great friends and amazing family. Grateful for all the kindness that has been shown to us this last week. I can't express how much I have appreciated my in-laws, parents and my siblings.


  1. We are seriously like twin families. My two are total water babies (and I already have the swimsuits ready for the little miss). I have a little, weedy, light-as-feather boy and a real chunk of a girl. And I am such a summer girl it's untrue, I count down the days all through winter, I think I just need to move somewhere hot. x

  2. seriously, whats cuter than a baby bikini?


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