Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy mothers day

All day today I held my babies a little tighter.
In every way these two have made my life sweeter. 
Being a mother is the greatest blessing my Heavenly Father has given me.
I am truly thankful to be able to call myself their mommy. 

My mother (on the right) is the number one reason I am the woman I am today. I look up to her in so many ways. Words just can not describe the bond we have. I am lucky enough to be able to call her my best friend. I love you mommy.

My mother-in-law (on the left) raised my husband to the wonderful man he is today. She is an amazing example to me. Love you Wawa and thank you for all you do for me.

I truly hope to follow in their foot steps.

Hope all you mamas have an amazing day.
Happy mothers day.

My favorite talks on mothers.
Because she is a mother
Mothers who know
Mother told me


  1. Happy mother's day!! I love you!

  2. Look how great you looked even right after having babies! Happy Mother's Day!


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