Thursday, April 18, 2013


Disneyland was a blast to say the least. We could not stop smiling the whole time. We went to California Adventure the first day. The Aladdin show there is amazing, the World of color show was truly magic and the rides were awesome. We got there about when it opened and stayed tell they kicked people out. The next two days we went to Disney. I felt like a little kid but as much fun as I had I think Jayson had more. I lost track of how many times we rode space mountain. I got just as excited to see the princess as I think the little girls around me. We got drenched on Splash Mountain. Poor Jayson was dripping wet. My hair also suffered for it. We stayed as long as we could and then went home to our babies. I feel slightly bad for leaving them at home but that time with Jayson was wonderful. We both want to take the kids back soon. We kept catching ourselves saying things like "Ty would love this" "Ember would look so cute in that" We wanted to buy them everything there. So someday we will take them and have a blast. 

One of my favorite moments while there was when we were standing in line for what seemed like ten minutes or more. We were waiting to watch the Tiki show...standing there complaining on how slow the line was moving when Jayson looks at me then smiles and says "um, were in line for pineapple juice". I look around the corner and started to laugh. We had no idea... but the Tiki show is in almost the same spot however there was no line for the Tiki show. Instead there are nice benches for you to sit and wait to be taken into the room. We laughed and laughed but I was excited to see the birds and maybe even pet one. The show started and there were singing stuffed birds everywhere. I started to laugh again about how wrong I was about the show. I had it in my head that I was going to see real birds and walk around and pet them. With that being said it was nice to sit and relax our aching feet and watch those singing birds. They did put on quite a show.


  1. Looks like an awesome trip! My hubby and I are going to Disney World for a week on sunday!! just wondering what you guys did with your backpacks when you went on rides? thanks! :)


  2. seriously….Disney with NO kids….what a treat!!!

  3. y'all are so cute! glad you had such a great time. :)

  4. So glad you had a great time! With or without the kids Disney is awesome! Lol about the tiki room!

  5. Lol! Love the Tiki juice story. And where did you get that cardigan? Me love. Love you!


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