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Topic: a time when your husband helped you through a difficult point in your life, or how he supports you when you're having a bad day!

After thinking about this for a while I realized Jayson and I have been very fortunate in not having any major difficult times. I am sure we will have many however in our three years of being married we have been very blessed with healthy kids and family, good finances, a roof over our head and food in our tummies. 

Jayson does support me through everything though. The most memorable moment I have of my true love for Jayson besides looking into his eyes while we promised to be each others for eternity was when we were having Ty. I was in labor for a really really long time. I was worn both physically and mentally. I thought there was no way I was going to live through the delivery. Sounds a bit dramatic I know but I was scared. Jayson was always right there. He said so many positive and heart warming things that made my heart swell. The moment Ty came out the first thing I saw was Jaysons face. I remember thinking that I could never have done this with out his support. I saw him look at Ty and saw true love in his eyes. Then he looked over at me and we just smiled at each other for a second. He kissed my forehead and told me he was so proud of me. I knew then that no matter how hard things got Jayson would always be at my side. 

Since then I have had a lot of times where I needed his help on day to day things. After having Ty I was in heaven. I always knew I wanted to be a wife and mommy. To nurture and protect my family. After staying at home for a time I soon realized I also missed my busy life style. I missed being in a salon all day visiting women and feeling like I made a difference in others lives. I had always had amazing clients. Ones who would come in and tell me everything on their hearts. I missed communicating with adults. I missed making women feel better about themselves. The look on their face when I turned the chair around. Pure happiness. 

I never once thought that I regretted starting our family so soon. I just felt like I lost a little bit of myself. I lost the energetic talkative spontaneous girl I was. My family use to joke about how friendly I was. They would say I could become best friends with a rock. I had a way of talking with someone and finding something we were both passionate about. I never felt awkward talking to knew people or being in difficult situatons. 

I felt like being home all day with a baby made me weird. I soon lost that talent of being a people person. I lost being able to communicate with others easily. When I realized this I had a hard time excepting it. I cried to Jayson telling him that I thought I was weird. Of course while crying in his arms he was not about to admit to me that he agreed. He simply hugged me and supported me. 

He talked to me about finding things I can do that was not just for Ty. Some new things I could do. Discovering new talents. I knew I loved being at home with Ty. I knew I was happy...just something was off. Jayson soon realized how much joy I was having making things for Ty. That I was making things for our house. I was sewing, cooking, writing...He also knew how much I enjoyed blogging. 

He started really encouraging me in blogging. He saw that it gave me something to do to feel good about myself. I could share the things I loved the most in my life. Number one my family. I could share my story. I could write anything and everything I wanted. Sharing things I made or activities we do. I was meeting new friends who were going through similar things. I was happy. 

Jayson helped me find a passion and is my biggest supporter. I may not be a social butterfly anymore and maybe I am awkward and shy around people when I actually get out of the house now.

Especially with Ember here now. Having two kids means a lot more time focused on them and their needs and less on my own. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Raising my babies and making sure they are protected and happy is my number one concern and joy. 

I am so blessed to have Jayson in my life to pick me up when I am down. To tell me I am doing a good job with our babies. To have him thank me for cleaning the house or making dinner. For walking in while I am getting ready and telling me he has never seen something as lovely as me. 

Being a mother is wonderful. I feel like its my calling in life. With out Jayson helping me through it...there is no way I would survive. He is a wonderful husband and father. Marriage is truly a partnership. One between man and women. To support each other and complement each other in strengths and weaknesses. 

Everything I believe about marriage and family can be read here in the Proclamation to the World.

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  1. This is such a lovely post Ashley. It seems like you and Jayson are truly lucky and blessed to have found each other.
    It's funny, but I often felt the same as a new mama, it can be quite isolating to spend your entire time with a little person who doesn't talk. And I was the first among my friends to have a baby, so none of them could really understand my new life and so we lost contact. Blogging really helped me too, by putting me in touch with other women having the same experiences, as well as giving me somewhere to be creative. x

  2. What a beautiful post to your husband! I'm going to be a first time mama in October and my husband has always been my rock. I am planning on being a stay at home mom but respect what you're saying with losing some of your spark. I am definitely going to keep busy! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Go Jason! What a great man you have.. It's funny how you mention that and Lucy ^^ I often feel like I need to find something i'm passionate about at the moment. Although a routine is good for baby, mummy's feeling a little tired of doing the 'same 'ol thing.'

  4. Wow, what a super sweet post! Although Dude and I aren't married yet, we have been together for 7 years and it is just so easy to take his support and constant love for granted. Gonna to text him now to make sure he knows how thankful I am for him!

    Thanks for the inspiration! (:

  5. Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby! And I totally understand the 'feeling weird in social situations' after being a stay at home mum.. I think most of us stay at home mothers battle with that to some degree! :) x

    I am very proud to be your mommy!!
    Love you to the MOON!!


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