Monday, April 22, 2013

Banana bites

How about a healthy snack today!?

I have seen these all over Pinterest and have had a lot of friends tell me to try them. I thought it would be fun and yummy but was too lazy to actually make them. Then I had a batch of bananas start to go bad. It was shocking because bananas usually don't make it through the week at our house. I have to buy two or three batches at a time. I tend to get one batch of yellow and two really green ones. However we have been gone a lot lately and just didn't get around to eating them this time. The thought of throwing away food makes me sad. It is so expensive to buy healthy food so there was no way I was going to let these babies go bad.

So they're not totally bad but one more day and in my opinion they would have been nasty. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make the banana bites I have heard so much about.

You can cut them up as thick or thin as you would like. Ty helped me cut them so mine are all sorts of sizes.

Seriously who doesn't love peanut butter??! I could eat it every day.

I really wasn't planning on having Ty help me. I actually told him to stop when he started. I was nervous about him using the knife but he totally rocked it. He is just way too big and I have to stop thinking of him as a baby. We used butter knifes and I was right by him the whole time. He absolutely loved them. It was hard to keep some to freeze when he ate them as he went. He loves bananas and peanut butter so it was a perfect snack for him.

You can also put as little or as much peanut butter as you like. If you are doing it for a super healthy snack I wouldn't put a ton on. We were having fun and Ty kept layering it on so our peanut butter is busting out the sides.

I debated on posting this picture of our freezer. It is pretty sad looking. I put them in on a plate so they would freeze individually. Then after one hour I took them out and transferred them from the plate to a zip-lock bag. Jayson came home for lunch and we ate them all!

Maybe they will last longer at your house.


  1. omg, these look delicious! (although those bananas are just at the stage when I would eat them...)
    and no worries about your freezer, at least it's not stuffed like ours!

  2. hehe! This is such a cute post!
    I love the peanut butter banana snack idea and your little man obviously does too!


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