Monday, March 18, 2013

We live at the park

Have I mentioned that I am so excited its spring?!
I think its safe to say we have been living at the park. 
All parks, Utah has millions...
and I love them all. 
Ty loves the stroller and walks..
Ember, well she just about loves everything!
  I have to admit I love parks about as much as Ty does. 
 but whats not to love, right?!
Basically melts my heart the way Jayson is with the kids.
 Love her
and Yes I put Tys socks on Ember. . .but only because she kicks all hers off.
Embers first slide!! (I think I was more excited)
 and thats all folks.


  1. What a fun time! I am envious of your weather! We just got more snow today! Boo!

  2. I wish I had that weather and those beautiful mountains in the background!!! I can't wait until I have kids and go to the park all the time!! These pictures look so much fun!!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I want some sun around here! We have had a few days here and there and when we do we make sure to take advantage of them!

  4. AHH I cannot wait to take Levi to the park! He actually stood in grass for the first time yesterday..and then hysterically cried haha Hopefully he will get over that!
    I loove that last pic of Ember..such a beautiful girl!

  5. Love this! Can't wait to be able to take Wyatt to the park and on picnics!
    Let's face it, I'm just ready for warm weather!

  6. Oh my goodness, we really are like twins. I'm always the first one on the play equipment at the park, I do love a go on the slide.... and the swing.... and the swinging bridge things.
    Plus my little miss is currently sporting her big brother's sock too, firstly to stop her kicking them off, and secondly because baby ones are too small on her chubby legs.
    See.....twins! x

  7. Ugh! I am the opposite. I hate the parks. But it's only March at it's already 85 degrees...I am not looking forward to the summer days!

  8. Ember's eyes!!! GORG!

    Love the park, can't wait until it's warm enough for my Natalie to play. I think she's finally old enough to have a blast!

    Sending you sunshine,

  9. ADORABLE!! Such great pics and awesome memories! The weather looks gorgeous out there, I can't get over how pretty the scenery is, you're so lucky! You look great and your kiddos are cracking me up! We had the same stroller/car seat combo for our youngest too, loved that thing!

  10. Ah isn't it so nice that Utah is finally warming up?! We went to the park Saturday for the first time this year and had a blast! And Chloe also kicks off her socks all the time and I have to put Kami's on her. Cute pictures!

  11. I am so jealous of your warm weather! We're so ready for spring here and I'm sick of the snow in Chicago. Can't wait to join you at all the parks with the kids!


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