Friday, November 23, 2012

3 months baby girl

Ember is stealing our heart more everyday.
She is such a wonderful baby. 
but....It's not only Jayson and I who love her to pieces but Ty too.
He is very protective of "beby". He usually wont let new people hold her. 
He loves to give her kisses and tries to play with her.
She is so smiley and playful.
Always sticking out her tongue. 
Starting to drool a bit.

She still likes to put herself to sleep in the bassinet
LOVES to be swaddled.
Can find and follow us with her eyes. 
Loves her swing and listening to music.

 We usually put her in footie pjs. For one we think they are the cutest thing in the world
and they keep her nice and warm. 
I always keep a bow in her hair. Most days it doesn't come off tell  bed time. 
I can't stop snuggling and giving her kisses. 
LOVE you BABY girl!!!     


  1. Ashley, she is so beautiful! I just love that your little Ty is so protective over her. I hope that my boy is like that when my girl comes!


  2. She is beautiful! Happy 3 months baby girl

  3. What a sweet face. It's so cute that big brother loves his sister.



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