Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Undercover mama review and giveaway

Are you nursing...gonna be nursing...
Know someone who is and want to become their new best friend?

This Tank top is seriously the answer to so many problems.

I am one of those awkward nursers who usually leaves the room 
because I can't keep covered up.

Not anymore 
  The company is called Undercover Mama
Their product is a strapless nursing tank top
 that can attached to any nursing bra
(with two different attachments)
and make any shirt a nursing shirt.

Honestly now (after having a baby)
  my stomach is not exactly my favorite thing to look at.
Being so self conscious of someone seeing it is hard.

Not having to worry and not having to leave the room 
every time to nurse is great. 
I get to visit family and not miss out on the fun.
I think every nursing mama would LOVE this product.

 Guess what I get to give one away!

just fill out the Rafflecopter below
good luck

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  1. Nursing tanks are just plain awesome. I think they make such a difference for women who nurse in public.

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  3. I am so private about nursing. I am always worried about showing skin! This would be so awesome to win!! If I won I would probably go with black!

  4. This is so cool! :) I would want it in white! :)

  5. I entered to win!! I think this will be a great present!!

  6. This giveaway couldn't have come at a better time!! I stayed up until 2am researching nursing tanks...these look amazing!! I would looove an emerald one!

  7. I would choose black if i won

  8. My link on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sixcherrymama/posts/171771472947276

  9. i would choose white. it's such a bare necessity

  10. What a great giveaway! I could use some of these. I hate worrying that my back is showing when I need to nurse my daughter.

  11. I have never entered a give away before so I hope I did it right. I would either like brown or white! :)

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  13. Ok this is awesome! I need this like yesterday haha. I am always so paranoid nursing my new babies cause they hate to be covered with a nursing cover and I hate showing so much skin.

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  18. Any color would be great but id probably say black

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