Monday, October 8, 2012

Sleepy baby

I love watching my kids sleep.
 Its so peaceful and relaxing. I sit and wonder what they are dreaming about.
 What sweet little thoughts are
 going through their sweet little minds.
How pure and innocent they truly are.

I remember with Ty from the moment we got home from the hospital
I held him all day.
He was always in my arms.
I rocked him to sleep every night and kissed his cheeks.

Ember immediately was a little different.
She LOVES to snuggle thats for sure.
She will let me hold her every second she is awake.
But miss Ember, well she does not want to be rocked to sleep.
This was mind blowing to me.
I thought all babies wanted to be rocked.

Ember prefers being wrapped up tight..
Maybe rock a few minutes and then being laid down.
This is how she falls asleep.

I still find myself standing above her crib, watching
as her eyes get heavier and heavier
tell she can't fight it any longer.
I stand there.
Thinking just how blessed I am.
Thinking about how beautiful she is.
How I couldn't imagine life with out her.
How I want to protect her from all the danger in the world,
but how I know I wont be able to forever.

But for now.
As for now I can.
I can hold her in my arms or watch her as she sleeps
and know that nobody is going to hurt her.

love you miss Ember.
with all my heart

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  1. She is SO precious! And you are a great mommy.

  2. What a beautiful post. There is nothing as beautiful and peaceful as a sleeping baby.
    And I too am finding my baby girl a bit different to my big boy. He loved rocking to sleep too, however long it took, I just had to keep jiggling. But she just falls asleep so quickly, and like your Ember, she likes to be all snuggled and wrapped up warm to sleep. So funny how different they can be. X

  3. So sweet. I sneak into my baby's room to watch her sleep. It's a bad habit, but I can't help myself, she's so precious.

    Stopping by from the Monday Mingle!

    Chantal @ Scattered Seashells (

  4. Very sweet....sleeping babes are the best:)

    I am your newest follower mam and would love a visit from you too!



  5. You just brought tears to my eyes. You described an emotion a mother knows too well. Your little angel is absolutely beautiful :)


  6. Beautiful post and pictures :)Thank you for joining us at welcome to the weekend hop...

  7. She's so beautiful, and I totally relate to this post. I have a 13 month old daughter, and I love watching her sleep. I wonder what she's dreaming about. I just want to hold her and protect her from everything. She's my world. :-)

  8. Aw she is so precious!! These moments go by way too fast! And its so interesting how different each child can be. I had one who wouldnt sleep/calm down unless he was bounced! And another who would sleep just fine once we set him down, too!


  9. I do it a lot too, I just wonder, are these all mine? I am so grateful for my boys, and your children are beautiful. Visiting from the weekend hop, have a super blessed day!


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