Monday, October 22, 2012

MMM-link up

This week has been awesome for me. I have worked out EVERY DAY!

yoga video
weight lifting

This week has been full of all of it! It feels so good.

I also have been eating healthy. Lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.
Also 12 glasses of water a day!

I need a lot because I'm nursing too. Every time I feed Ember I feel like I am dehydrated so I drink more and more water.
Have a strong day.

Start with one thing.

For me its waking up and getting a quick stretch in before I do anything else.
One healthy decision will lead to another.

Then I exercise.
Then I eat a healthy breakfast.
From there its one healthy choice after another.

Have you noticed if you make a mistake its easier to give up on that day and say you will start again tomorrow. At least I have done that before. Ill slip up and have some food that is not good for me. Then I don't have the motivation to exercise or eat healthy the rest of the day.

So for me, I need to have a strong day.
but if I don't.
If I do mess up, I need to remember

Have a good strong day
you deserve it.

Here is my new weekend work out routine.


The weekends are usually when I mess up a little. 
I found this on routine on pinterest. 
pinned it to my Motivation Pin Board
Printed it off and stuck it on my wall....

What type of work out plan are you doing?

Go ahead and link up anything 
fitness and health related.

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  1. Good for you working out everyday! With that and nursing you'll be back to normal so fast!

  2. Hi Ashley, I found your blog through the GFC Collective. I think I need your blog in my life to kick my butt into gear and motivate to me to work out! Haha.

    Hope you'll follow me back :)

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  3. Thanks for the great party! Way to go on your exercising! It does feel good doesn't it, I need to get back......

  4. What a lovely blog! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would stop on by my blog and return the favor!


  5. Sorry about the mis-post of my hot drinks station, Ashley. It was late at night and I clearly was out of it; when I realized my blunder, I couldn't figure out how to delete it. Oopsie. Will definitely link up tomorrow! ;-) -Lauren

    1. I actually have something exercise-related that I CAN post!

  6. Oh I love the strength shared in this post! I'm motivated, really, truly.

    Following ya now from Monday Mingle and lovin' it. If you are up for a bit of a ride come join me as we ride the wave of life at guaranteed to be filled with ups and downs and everything in between and I'd love to have you with us.


  7. Thank you for coming over and commenting and following Raising Reagan.
    I'm following you via Bloglovin and LOVED your link up. I linked up my recent accomplishment of my first half marathon!

    Excited to get your feed in my bloglovin! I read everyone that comes through that feed religiously


    PS ~ I'm not on Blogger so I show up as a no-reply. Sorry :(


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