Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pink and Blue BABY SHOWER

That's right...! Lauren and I are pregnant again together...
10 WEEKS apart AGAIN 
Only this time she is 10 weeks ahead of me..

Mom, Heather and Missy threw us an awesome 
Baby Shower

It was so much fun 

So many...

Cute decorations
Yummy food
Good company
and gifts

Mom made the cake and it was as delicious as it is cute!
Grandma Shirley made Lauren and I a dozen receiving 
blankets with burp cloths to match.

I LOVE them all and am thankful for her hard work, LOVE and time she put into them.
Mom and the girls... 
I sure am lucky to have such amazing ladies in my life.
Lauren and I both have some pretty big cheesy smiles....
Whose is bigger??
Heathers gift obviously...
She is a great aunt and I know baby Ember will 


Aside from throwing the shower.. all the clothes...
blankets and toys mom got us.. she also made  us both diaper cakes...



 I think the babies are pretty spoiled LOVED!! 

 They turned out so cute. I tried to count the diapers and gave up. There was just too many.

Thanks to everyone who helped..

Soon I will take pictures of
her room and the diaper stash we have 


  1. Hey picture stealer! (jk) You are adorable. I'm glad we get to be pregnant again together!

  2. How cute and fun is that?! Love that you wore pink and she wore blue even!

  3. how fun!! LOVE the diaper cakes!! you girls are so cute!

  4. Oh congrats to you again! What a fun double baby shower!

  5. You and Lauren are the cutest pregnant sisters! I love you both! So excited for you to have a girl! They are so fun!

  6. I love how you and your sister had a baby shower together!! Sweet sister love right there!


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