Saturday, December 10, 2011

One year photo shoot

Ty is ONE.... He is growing up so fast. My love for him also grows each day. As I was taking these pictures my heart was melting. How can I love one person so much??? My life is truly blessed...

If you want to see the year of Ty post go HERE. Or his monster birthday party go HERE.
I need to print off a picture for our me pick!!!

SO which is your favorite????


  1. I love the first one with Ty by the tree. His face just says "Oh no, you caught me". But those are all adorable pictures. I also love him laughing on the steps too. What a cutie!

  2. ok this ty kiddo of yours is honestly too cute for words. i love the photos of him under the tree the best and the ones that shows his cute little chompers on bottom. i can't believe how fast they grow! i LOVE reading your blog - even if i don't comment all the time...

  3. Yeah, good luck picking out just ONE! They are adorable. Seriously, you have got the cutest son. His eyes, oh just too sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Well, how could you not love a face like that?! So cute:) Love the little mohawk too.

  5. I like the seventh up from the bottom. Those big blue eyes!!! Aw!!!

  6. I love the 3rd from the bottom :)

    He is just too cute!


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