Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My baby is one

A year of Ty

Ty arrived Dec. 2nd at 9:47AM
I immediately fell in love with him. 
I knew being a mommy was going to be the best.

In his first month Ty lost his sleepy newborn faze
was alert and holding his head high!
when we walk in the room his arms fly in the air.
sneezes SOOO cute
has hiccups constantly
loves to be held

At two months Ty loves to smile. 
Watch football with dad 
Eats really well
cant sleep with out being wrapped up tight.

At three months Ty loves to stand-with help.
Had his blessing
 tries to grab things
sits in his bumbo
puts things in his mouth

At four months Ty loves to play
puts EVERYTHING in his mouth
is happy and smiley all the time
sleeps 8 hours at night
 tries to hold his bottle
rolls over
got RSV:(

AT five months im convinced I have the happiest baby ever
started rice cereal
rolls everywhere
blows bubbles
makes goos and gaa noises
tries to sit up

At six months im totally convinced I have the cutest baby ever!! 
Sit ups very well
Plays with all his toys
shaks toys then throws them across the room (literally) 
rolls tell he hits something, then rolls in the other direction tell he hits something else 
eating a jar and a half of baby food in one sitting

At seven months Ty loves to laugh
pulls himself up on things
blows out of almost every diaper
loves to cuddle 
eats very well
army crawls

Eight months Ty is still doing the army crawl
reaches when he wants to be picked up
takes two-three naps 
starting to be a PICKY eater

At nine months Ty has the curliest long hair
is up on all fours crawling
got his first tooth popping out
loves to clap
wont play with any of his toys

At ten months Ty is so loving
can walk-when being encouraged
pulls everything off the shelves 
is eating mainly table food 
crawls at super sonic speeds

At eleven months Ty is walking everywhere
got his first hair cut.
makes the biggest messes
loves baths
melts my heart

At one...Ty is
Walking everywhere and getting very fast
says mama dada and baba
loves putting things on his head
plays pick a boo
gets up once a night
takes 1-2 naps

We love you Tyger man.
<3 mom and dad


  1. AW THIS IS SO SWEET! He was and is the cutest baby for sure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY!

  2. Aw Happy Birthday! I love seeing the pictures from newborn to 1 year and seeing how much they have changed! :)

  3. What a spunk, he is so adorable and you have some great photo's here. Hope he has a great birthday!

  4. i can't believe how big and smart he got =D
    it is so cute to see how he changed in the past
    12 months. His colored eyes are AMAZING
    and he is just too perfect <3

    You are a lucky mommy


  5. Love the pictures, especially the one of him in a Packer onesy! Happy birthday to the little guy!


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