Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas part 1--at the Whetmans:)

This year we were at my parents home for Christmas...but before we left we had a get together at the Whetmans. We ate super delicious mexican food! Then SANTA CAME!! It's tradition that Santa comes to the Whetmans every year....all sit on his lap (even mom and dad) and tell Santa what they want and if they have been good or bad. It was so cute. Ty didn't really know what to think of the whole deal but he got some really cute books out of it!!!

It was fun to see Ty kinda open his presents. He is in the stage where the paper is more fun.
More Christmas is to come


  1. awe :) He is too cute! Love the santa tradition! Tooo cool!

  2. haha omg he is the cutest little baby ever!


  3. I love the picture of Jayson on Santa's lap. He's such a good sport! What a fun tradition. :)


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