Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Mondays(running late)

-music mondays
sonny moore

I was browsing some new blogs I like to follow and I came to Expecting the Unknown  who was participating in music monday at Sugar Blossom. I got so excited when I saw this. I LOVE music. Its constantly on at my house and I love finding new bands/songs that I fall in love with.

This is my first time doing music mondays so forgive me if its not quite right. 
but it is all my opinion so it is what it is! 

 Everyone meet Sonny/Skrillex

yes, he is amazing. 
and his music is amazing.
I first fell in love when he was frontman in "From first to Last"
Then he went solo and I loved him even more. 
I was able to catch a few concerts on the AP tour. 

Danielle asks: 
 does it make a difference to you what the singer in a band looks like? 
No, yes, maybe....I don't know. I don't have a crush on Sonny Moore by any means.
But I love his music and his style fits it. 

On a whole other end of my music love there is George Strait...Nothing like Sonny Moore. 
but I love him, looks and music. 
he is eye candy:)

Then another fav. Yes, that would be Michael Jackson. Do I love his music? YES! 
His looks? That would be a NO.

So I guess I have to say No looks don't matter when it comes to music, if you got the voice and can rock it, you are all right in my book....being easy on the eyes is just an added bonus! 

 link up:)

Music Mondays with Sugar Blossom Boutique

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