Monday, October 17, 2011

MMM#6 now a link up!:)


SO I decided to do it! I'm making MMM a link up and I have partnered up with an awesome girl...  Amanda from For love of a cupcake. Go check out her blog and her story too:)

We both love all things fitness and are super excited to share and receive motivation with you! 

MMM is not about getting skinny...its not about judging each other and its definitely not about comparing ourselves against each other. Were here to be healthy get fit and feel good!

One of my favorite quotes:

This is not just a phase I’m going through or a temporary ‘diet’ I’m trying out. This is a way of life, my life, and a vow to treat my body with respect.

  So what will you find now at MMM??
but now you can be involved! 

We will be posting challenges at the end of each post. You then have all week to work on it and post it the following MMM link up! 

Challenges will be things like:
try a class at the gym
cut out sweets
share a healthy recipe
drink more water

You can also post goals, tips and advice. Just share the MOTIVATION and lets get HEALTHY together!!!

SOOOOOOOOOOO next week will be our first link up! We wanted to give you this week to get your post together!


We want you to share with us a little about yourself...a few ideas being..

Why fitness is important to you 
Are you just getting started on your quest to be motivated
Goals you want to reach.. short or long term
What areas you struggle with vs. your strengths

Anything you want to share about your fitness journey.
just have fun with it! 

The following week we will post our FIRST CHALLENGE!
love ya ladies


  1. Got my post up today!! :) Excited to link up to more next week! :)

  2. Saw this on Amanda's page and so excited to get motivated!

    New follower :)



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