Thursday, October 6, 2011

little man with tie!

 That's my Tyger! Isn't he just SOOO cute..hehe
Lets make the spenders shall we!!!

Any white onesies will do...whatever size your little man needs..
I had lots of extra black scraps from an old project, but any fabric would be darling!
Measurements here are a little tricky, I was working with scraps so they didn't end up being long enough to only cut I had to cut four and overlap them...however I liked the 3inch width...and whatever length you need for your onesie....just lay it out and measure on how long your onesie is from front to back.
Then fold your pieces in half....Iron and pin them.
As a beginner sewer I have definitely made a ton of mistakes, but pinning and ironing I have realized are your best friends when sewing....may be a few extra steps but will save you from a few curse words in the end:)
So this picture is sooo dark, im so sorry...but after pinning I just sewed straight down the side. So it was sewed with the raw edge on the outside...then I flipped it so the seam is on the inside...After you turn it so the seam is now on the inside iron it out flat.
Next I switched my thread to white for the finishing touch...I think it looks cute, but you can use black if you don't want to see the lines. 
Sew a straight line...or attempt to if you are like me...all the way down the sides...don't forget to back stitch everything.
Here is where I overlap them ( since mine was not long enough to go all the way around the onesie) again if you are not working with scraps just make yours longer and skip this step:)
Now you are ready to pin it on! I pinned it so the overlapped pieces are on the shoulder of the onesie...I thought that would look better than in the middle somewhere.
Pin it real good!!!

Pin the back as well! I also have learned once you have pinned it and checked to make sure you are fully happy with your pins...Once you are sewing TRUST them...I sometimes had got my projects to the machine and thought my pins looked funny so I adjusted them a little...but it was just the angle of the fabric and I ended up having to unpick and start your pin and sew it on!
After you have sewed on your pieces trim off the excess material.

 After trying it on Ty I realized I wanted the spenders to be more secure to the onesie ( he was pulling them pretty hard). So I put the black thread back on the machine and sewed a few lines in the middle of the front of the spenders and where they cross in the back. (red arrows in picture)!!!

thats it...hope you like it!:)

Just kidding....I actually thought it needed a little more so I made a tie to go with it last night!!! I think it finishes it off!:) 
Ok now I hope you like it...
If anyone wants a tie tutorial let me know!!


  1. very cute! love the suspenders! I'll have to try this for my little guy!

  2. Holy cow...those are adorable! This is a great tutorial...I may even be able to make some of my own :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is the cutest! I have got to do this. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. What an adorable little outfit that makes!!!

  5. I love love love it girl!!!! good job I really want to make maddux some now :) thank you so much for sharing.

  6. I love this! I wish I had a little man to make these for. Too cute;)

  7. Oh My goodness that is adorable!!! I am sending this to my two sisters who have baby boys...they will LOVE it! THANKS!

    jenny at dapperhouse


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