Sunday, September 4, 2011


 I woke up.... went out to pick some maters.... and look how many I found!!!

I also found on my way to the gym a little note....
lets see what it says.. :)
Just another reason I love my hubby SOOOO MUCH....

Heather Ty and I went to the park and ill tell you what it was such beautiful weather! It was not hot not cold but simply perfect! Ty had a blast playing in the grass...he just runs his hands through it then stares in amazement! Heather and I enjoyed the tail end of the summer sun....just laid and visited! It was so nice to have a little sister time. I count it a blessing we will live in the same area for a few years.

 Ty is so funny! He was so randomly just chillin...Seriously keeping this pose for almost twenty minutes.
I don't know what was on his mind, but he was pretty relaxed!

Also Jayson and I made SALSA with some of our yummy tomatoes!!! I wish I could give you the recipe.
but we just made it to taste....we started throwing things in....tasted it...threw some more in...
tasted it....and kept it up tell we had decided it was absolutely perfect!!!


  1. That little pose is just precious! And aren't unexpected notes the best?! They make my day. Your salsa looks YUMMY! Have a great holiday!

  2. this is such a super cute post! Your little guy is so adorable! I remember when my Princess would do that! The unexpected notes from the hubby are the best! AND I am the same way with our salsa! (I finally wrote it down after a couple times!) Have a great day!

  3. hes adorable like the post ! im a new follower follow back please if you can @ :)


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