Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

I always say I will post recipes that I tried out....but I cant cook very many yummy 
things worth posting...HOWEVER Jayson and I stayed at his parents house while they were 
on vacation to Mexico...and I got out my mother in laws cook book...
and WOW this one is worth posting!!! I'm such a beginner cook and I 
didn't even mess it up!
this is what it looks like before you toss it in the oven.

the only thing I didn't do was add the prepared mustard...
i was not positive what it was...
like I said I am NOT a cook.

served over brown rice and veggies on the side!!!
yummy:) this one is a keeper in our family


  1. Wow Ashley...those look so good! I am trying to up the cooking skills as well, so keep the recipes coming!! :) Thanks again for all your sweet comments!

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog! and i'm absolutely loving yours! keep the posts comin'!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday! This looks like a great recipe--perfect for tailgating this fall (can you tell I am excited for football season to start?) :)

  4. Oh my gosh! This looks so delish. I made spaghetti and meatballs for the first time this week! I am your newest follower! You have a super cute blog! I would love it if you become my newest follower! Have a great 4th!

  5. Those look delicious!!!!

    I received my goodies from you today, thank you so much! They are soooo cute and my girls are trying to decide who gets what....thanks for sending one for each of them! :)

  6. I made these this weekend! YUMMY!!!! Shared about them on my blog, :)Thanks for posting them, we all loved them!

  7. We love these! I just shared about them again on my blog! lol! :) Thanks for posting, be sure to tell your mother-in-law they are a hit!

  8. Thank you for adding your tummy post to our blog party. Don't forget to add our button in your post and follow back. Love your page and I am following!

    Thank you,


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