Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lets create

While blog stalking...I came across this message. I think it is simply perfect. Although I 
wouldn't say I have a favorite apostle...but if I did it would be President Uchtdorf.
He is amazing. His voice is like music to me.


such a wonderful message and I thought it was perfect to share in blog-land.
I came across this message at 11th Heavens Homemaking Haven..


  1. Thanks for your nice comments and visiting me today! I love President Uchtdorf as well :)

  2. Hi Ashley, I've followed you for awhile and just wanted to thank you for sharing this on your blog today-just what I needed to hear!

  3. Lauren and I listened to this today... AWESOME!! I love your BLOG!!

  4. Just read your About Us - you beat me! We met and marred in less than 8 months...but you were FAST! lol 24 yrs now....hard to believe. Thanks for visiting my blog....I'm a new follower! P.S. See my Word Verification post (upper left hand corner of sidebar) to increase your comments!

  5. I love this clip! What an amazing message. I write 'create' on my to do list each day. I know my day is a little better when I take the time to create. Thanks!!

  6. Love the clip! I guess it explains my crazy desire to create and then share it on a blog! Now, if I could just get my husband to understand...! Reading Cheri's comment, I don't know how FAST you and your husband were at meeting and marrying, but for me and mine it was 6 weeks from the day we met (met on New Year's, married on Valentine's) and that was over 21 years ago! Does that beat you?

  7. hey susan, you sure beat us. we were 4 months. but when you know you know right!!! :)


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