Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Car seat blanket

ahhh look at this bad boy!
I love it:)

This design is amazing...
The holes allow the straps and the buckle to go through on the car seat..

I hated putting a blanket over Ty and just having it fall off or have him kick it off every two seconds.

It is totally reversible:)
I also love that now I don't have to wash the
car seat cushion..

Love the
 --What happens on my tractor 
stays on my tractor--
soooo darling

closer look at the cute material

 my little model

Ty totally loves to be swaddled...
 so this is one of his best friends :)


  1. Ashley I love checking out all the fun stuff you make! What a cute little guy! My baby is going to be 1 tomorrow and I still Swaddle Her all the time.

  2. Cute! We have one of those(just a little different shaped) and I love it! It sure makes keeping your baby wrapped up in their car seat much easier!
    Ty is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! -Allyson

  3. ALLYSON!!! i need an invite to your blog..i cant get on it:(

  4. This did turn out cute. I love your blogs!! Your are getting more creative daily... you are AMAZING!! Love you!


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