Monday, March 14, 2011

Blessed in many ways

MY little man

 I think it's safe to say this little man stole my heart. 
He has me totally and completely wrapped around his tiny little finger.

Jayson gave such a beautiful blessing.
Ty is so lucky to have such a wonderful father. 
I am truly glad he is the man Ty will be looking up to.

Nana and Papa Stan with the Ty

Grandma and Papa Whetman

It was such a beautiful day. 

Ty was such a good baby and looked so handsome.

I love my family so much and appreciate all they did to make the day so wonderful!

I love Ty. 

He is the best thing to ever happen to Jays and I. 

-Families can be together forever


  1. This was a great day. Ty looked so adorable in his little white suit!! Jayson gave Ty a great blessing and Ty didn't cry... He was so good.
    Thanks for sharing this special day with us. I love you all to the moon!!

  2. I love you too mama!! and thanks so much for tys blessing suit, i love it so much!


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