Monday, February 14, 2011



everyone always ask me why i call heather my "lil bit"
 well this is one of my most favorite movies
 and on here iggies brother buddy calls her "lil bit"
one day i called heather that and it just kinda stuck...
yuppp thats why!!!
if you have not seen it i suggest you watch it:)

heathers birthday present...
so much fun to make!

heather I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! through all the years and hair colors!
always be my "lil bit"

Happy Valentines to all you bloggers out there! I hope you had an amazing day:) I got to spend the day with my mama and ty~ shopping for all sorts of fun new craft projects, and heather some birthday gifts (she totally got the new sewing machine i want) hehe then we met up with her and dad and went to APPLEBEES!!! yay it was i get to spend the night with my hubby who has promised me a nice back rub for i am gonna call this good for tonight!

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  1. I have always loved that you call Heather your little bit.. she is a little bit of all of us. Its a good thing that we are all kind, funny, smart and good looking. LOL


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