Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring things

Ember playing Tball... my heart could burst. From the first to second practice she made so much improvement and is having so much fun. My favorite part is how she dances in the outfield, how she prances from base to base when running home and how the ENTIRE outfield runs for the ball when the other team is batting!

Guided drawing from youtube maybe my favorite way to relax with the kids in the afternoon... They always say "Our pictures might look different and thats ok, they are all cute!"

Seriously, this kid always has his head in a book... and I love it! 

These troubles running errands with me and snackin to get through... I pick my battles people. 

Ty on the Jr. Jazz team. He doesn't want anything to do with baseball but loves basketball and his best friend Acey!

 Naps, movies and snacks... Yes, please!

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