Thursday, April 5, 2018

Easter love

One of my favorite things to do is have a cute lunch set up with a few activities for Ember and Aiden when she gets home from school. To be honest I was sad about the half day Kindergarten, as Ty had full day and I was nervous for a change. Now those hours when Ember is home from school before Ty gets home and her and I can visit and craft and catch up on the day are truly times and memories I treasure with her! I am no longer looking forward to full day school.

Combining tot-school crafts and fun with these two cuties. Ember is teaching Aiden the letter B here and working on fine motor skills. 

Each holiday we head to the Library and load up on every book we can find... We took these and had an outdoor picnic and school. 

Yay for SPRING BREAK!!! Lunch outside in our pajamas! 

I was a little saddened this year by my lack of Easter decorations.... So I took that into my own hands. Also the lovely tea party on the table set up by Aiden and Ember is magical! 

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