Thursday, April 5, 2018

Happy Spring friends

The kids and I were looking for ways to stay busy this spring break. I was so happy to find a lovely list of ideas from The Peaceful Press and In Bloom.

Jayson works all day Mon-Wed. We only see the whites of his eyes at breakfast...and I'm usually asleep before he even walks back in the door. That leaves me and the three kiddos ALL day for the next few days.. I knew we needed some structure and as little screen time as possible to keep my sanity and peace in the home.

Our to-do list inspired by "In bloom" includes..

Spring nature hike
Spring material object (above)
Spring Acrostic
Memorize Spring poem
Diagram of a flower
Spring nature tea party
Edible dirt cups

Through the month of April we will also be...
Planning our garden
Making a few crafts for the garden
Learning about plants and seeds
Lots of outdoor play and hikes
Working on Earth day projects and activities

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