Saturday, February 9, 2013

O hi there

O hi there!
My name is Ember and I am adorable

10 things about me
1. I love the milkies
2. My brother smothers me (and I love it)
3. I am not to sure about rice cereal
4. I love to roll around
5. I get overwhelmed when I can see something and can't grab it
6. Everything is better in my mouth
7. I la la love my sound machine (thanks Kylee)
8. LOVE me some Baby Einstein 
9. Want to be held
10. Have aching gums...but they feel better when mommy puts gel on them.       


  1. when you post about ember i seriously get so excited to have a little girl of my own! she is adorable

  2. How sweet. I feel for her with her aching gums! When my kids were little I would peel whole carrots and keep them really cold. They were big enough for the kids to hold on to and too big for them to bite pieces off of. It felt good on their gums and to this day they love carrots (they're 19 and 21)!

  3. Aww she is very beautiful!! Look at those baby blues!! =)


  4. Awww, she's so cute. And was her hair band made by your fair hand? If so I think we need a tutorial!
    And what is a sound machine? Sounds interesting...! x

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  6. Naww, gorgeous little girl.. poor thing about the teething :(

  7. Oh my, she is adorable ! I'm just dropping by too invite you to come and link up. It's my Saturday bloggy takeaway and it only two weeks old so I'm just out drumming up some business.

  8. "Love the milkies"!!!! Lol! Love her and you!

  9. What a little cutie! I haven't been by in awhile so I'm just "meeting" for the first time! Adorable and a late congrats to you!


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