Monday, February 11, 2013

MMM-gallon challenge

 o I love you.   

 For one of my new year resolutions I decided to join the gallon challenge. 
This means I have to down a whole gallon in one day. 
I thought this was going to be SO HARD. 
but it is actually very easy.

 I have seen a lot of benefits so far.
 1. More energy
2. Drinking little to no diet coke ( if you know me you know this is a miracle)
3. snacking less often
4. making healthier meals

A few hard things.
1. I feel like I go potty every thirty minutes...
2. When traveling its not the easiest to pack around
3. Being consistent

I have good days and bad. Some days I drink it all and fill more up. Others I get to about the 6 o'clock line and realize its time for bed. I also don't do well when I am traveling or on vacation (yes I consider going to my parents for the weekend vacation). The days I do well and drink my whole gallon are always better days. I feel healthier happier and have way more energy! I love it so much I also got Jayson doing it now and he loves it!! 


Does anybody want to see this come back as a link up?? 


  1. I love this! Plus, water is suppose to make your skin look better and you feel better. I'm going to start trying this! I use to carry around those huge smart water bottles I think two of them would equal one gallon. May have to start doing that again. Thanks for writing this post!

  2. Wow. I am inspired. I am also one of those people who thinks there is NO WAY they can drink a gallon of anything in a day. I'll have to try! :)

    I'd love to see this as a link-up. It's always nice to find some motivation.

  3. A galloon?!?!?! WOW!! I've been having a tough time losing weight but then I realized I wasn't drinking water! I'm not sure if I can drink a galloon a day but I can definitely drink more water!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  4. Good for you! This is a great challenge idea:)

  5. Love this! I drink water everyday, all day. But I always feel so guilty about all the water bottles...I should try the gallon idea! So easy and would def be more green of me! Thanks for the great tip! I am all for Motivational Mondays :)I'd love to see it come back!


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