Blogging to me

I started this blog shortly after I got married. While working and trying to figure out 
how to be a wife I didn't find much time to sit down and "blog". 

Nor did I really want to.

There are a few posts here and there. Mostly just me uploading pictures. 
Or sharing a random thought.

Nothing serious. 

Then after the birth of our son I started the "stay at home mom" job. 
Mothering felt very natural to me.

Through all my stages in life I had always wanted to be a wife and mommy.

 I still didn't know much about the blogging world. I knew my sister had one.
I would check hers to see news and pictures of her adorable kids. 

I started posting pictures of my little man and felt a little more into blogging.
More interested. 

Then I started to get a creative itch.
I found blogs with cute ideas on things to make for my little man.

I started following tons of craft blogs and wanted to become just like them.

I was trying so hard to make my blog more appealing to people.
Making crafts I didn't really care for
just so I could enter them in a link party.

It became stupid to me.
So I took a "break" from blogging.

Only to find I missed it.

So I had to find a new way to blog.
My way.

I was/am still interested in crafts.
So I craft.
but only what I want to and when I want to.

I decided to share my love of fitness.
I started my MMM

I was loving blogging!
It became FUN.

Soon we found we were pregnant again.
This time with our baby girl.
   This time around I have shared a lot of pregnancy ups and down.
and read a lot of yours as well.
I started opening up and making it "real"
Soon I gained a lot of friendships with amazing women.
Been inspired by so many of you that share
your story.
That I want to share mine.
I want to share all my silly thoughts.
My random pictures.
My joy.
My hard times.
My heartache.
This is me.
I blog, well I blog for me and those who care to get to know me.
I blog so I can remember the silly things Ty does.
His milestones.
For every time he melts my heart, or every time I feel like
an awful mother and need help.
I blog so my children can one day look back and see how 
loved they were/are.
So I can write sweet notes to my hubby and have him be embarrassed.
This is my journal. thoughts...
my life
my family
I'm letting you in.


  1. New follower through GFC bloghop. I'm loving your blog already!


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