Wednesday, February 19, 2014


You know those days you don't normally blog about. The hard days. Days where your kids cry and wine. You lose your temper... and get frustrated faster then normal. That day was today. I felt like a bad mom. I didn't want to play or read books. I was so frustrated with them both.

Then I just decided we all needed a nap. I grabbed Ember and Ty under my arms and went to the chair to rock. I was hoping to sit there long enough just to calm us all down. We ended up being there for an hour. Ty was telling us stories and Ember kept putting her caterpillar up to my nose and smiling. I was in heaven.

I had the thought cross my mind of how lucky I am to stay at home and raise my babies. 

Having hard moment is ok. but with kids I am convinced there are never bad days.... just moments. You may have a lot of hard moments in one day but there is always joy in that day as well. My kids can drive me crazy one day but in that same day they still melt my heart. Ty still says "love you mama" and Ember still gives me big bear hugs and waddles around the house with her caterpillar. The good always out weighs the bad. 

 find the joy. 


I went and got a cookie out...
Ty asks "mommy, i want one..."
I pull it apart and give him half...
He says "ugh...not half a cookie"

Were witting in the living room. Just playing.
Ty looks around and says "yeah...i really like our house. its nice"
I said " yeah i like it too ty"
Ty "yeah...lets keep it"

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