Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DIY memory/matching game

I saw this memory game on pinterest and thought Ty might like it. He is a bit small to catch on to the memory part of it but he likes to match them. After I finished making it Jayson and I played for a minute and waited for Ty to want to join in. He eventually ran over and wanted to try. He thought it was pretty cool for about two minutes. Then Ember took over. She mostly just stacks them and re-stacks them. Either way they are being used!

I cut out 24/ 5" squares. You will need one for the back and one for the front.

 Take 12 of them and make a 3" hole. I traced them out with marker then used an exacto knife and scissors.

Cut out 24/ 4" fabric squares. Make sure to do it by doubles. You will need two of each.

Add a stitch to connect them and start playing.

Ty thought it was pretty cool. He likes to flip them all over and when he sees two of the same he matches them up. So he is combining the two ideas..haha He did keep saying

"thanks mom for my new game"
"mom these are pretty softer"
"mom, why is there so many"
"mom we make fun stuff" -- my favorite!

I cut it down to six and played the matching game with him! He would put the one that matched and place it on top of the other.

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