Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Ty's been saying things lately like "Mom I'm grown up", "Mom I'm bigger"... Yikes. He is still so tiny but growing up so fast. He really likes making things. You give the kid some markers, scissors and a glue stick and he is in heaven. We were pretty bored yesterday with the snow...(I don't drive in snow unless I absolutely have to). So we stayed in and cut up a bunch of boxes we had in the house. The big one is a diaper box and the smaller ones are fruit snack and granola boxes. He helped draw the lines for the road and the red on the shed. I drew everything else. He played with it on and off all day. Success.

I'm trying to be a lot more scheduled with the kids. Not to the point where life isn't fun... Just some routine.

Wake up
Snuggle for as long as possible
Change diapers
Eat Breakfast
Do our School (Ty's PreK book)
TV time (They usually watch an episode of Thomas, Tinker Bell or Daniel Tiger)
Craft time
Make Luch
Embers nap time//Tys train time (He only likes to build while she is napping)
Ember wakes up//snuggle time
Go out for a walk
Come in and warm up
TV time. Watch another episode of their choice
Make dinner
Daddy comes home
Singing (usually Ty just wants to sing "Once there was a snowman" and "Wheels on the bus"
Reading time/Scriptures 
Bed time

Obviously those get rearranged depending on the day. But I try and have "Times" Times set aside for learning, play, crafts, walks... Sometimes they can play or craft for a half hour to an hour. Sometimes I get five minutes and they want to do something else. Ty is three and Ember is 18 months. So that's OK.

It has definitely helped. They know when they watch a show and I say TV time is over, that its really over. Its time for something else. They also know that they will get TV time again later so they don't throw a fit.

For Christmas Nana and Papa Stan got all the grandkids new boots. Ember had one mysteriously disappear while we were visiting. I searched for days. Totally devastated because her other boots were stained, torn and almost too small... After we left Nana kept looking. With no luck I'm pretty sure it ended up in the trash can on accident. We have caught Ember throwing toys away before. She has no idea once it goes in there we never see it again.

We finally got her new ones in the mail yesterday. Lets just say I am pretty dang excited. They are just big enough they will last her a long time but not too big that she can't walk. They are also John Deere so they will last longer than she will actually wear them. I am certain she will grow out of them way before they fall apart.

I love how her calves are chunky. You can kinda see the chunk pushed out of the edges on the boots. Adorable.


  1. Allie wore that shirt!!! AH! Love you guys!

  2. I have been looking at pictures for at least an hour..... I am really HOMESICK FOR YOUR LITTLE FAMILY!!
    I think I need to go shop for airplane tickets....I MISS YOU!!!


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