Tuesday, January 28, 2014


a few things that are making me happy

 //jayson is rocking his classes this semester. love you babe
//the kids new alphabet posters. total dollar store buy
//ty's potty training progress
// ty went to sunbeams..and liked it
//facetime with family
//new pants my mama gave me
//hot chocolate
//embers now giving high-fives
// my new 50mm 1.8 lens. actually using my camera on manual 99.9% of the time now
//love notes that i find around the house
//the mountain of laundry i had been putting off  for days is finally done
//i moved the couches again. love it
//tys play group.

making me not so happy

//it snowed. this is bitter sweet
//today we though our car was stolen. we just couldn't find it in the parking lot
//the 12 lbs that are still sitting on my backside from the holidays
//not wanting to go shopping because of the snow. we need food. like yesterday
//need to color my hair. now


  1. How do you like your 50mm? I love mine! Just now really getting into manual as well :) What camera do you use? Also, my Bean is OBSESSED with Thomas. If you lived by me we could totally have a hair coloring play date. Such a random comment, I know :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! And yea to the "happies." Especial potty training success... We could use some more of that over here. ;)

  3. I am glad you like your new pants... that makes me happy!
    I love to SEE my kiddos HAPPY!!
    You make me HAPPY!!


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