Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let's Go to the Farm - What we're reading -

Ty has shown an interest in books.  Running over to the shelf and pulling them all off then running back to me with three in hand wanting to flip through them. Sometimes he want to look at each page carefully and study the pictures while other times he wants to flip through all the pages as fast as he can so he can get another book. Ty is also a snuggler. He loves to sit on my lap while I read to him for what seams like hours. 

Lately I catch him taking his own interest in books with out me. I will find him laying on the floor flipping through them all on his own. His favorites have been these farm books given to him by his Grandma Whetman. He likes to study the tractors on the pages. I hear him talking to himself saying "this one Heather drives, this one Papa, this one Justin, this one Wade." I think its safe to say he misses the tractors. 

The other book is a flap book. Those are the best! Not when I want to sit down and read to him because he is too interested in the flaps but for his own entertainment. He can lay down and flip them up and down for an hour just so curious about each one. 

I also catch Ty reading to himself. It sounds something like this "yooooweee yoweee yoweeee, ummm yoweee yoweee"

Too dang cute for me to handle.

Most of our reading is done early morning in our pajamas or before bed in our pajamas.

I love that these books can bring a little bit of my family to life. I love that Ty remembers the farm when looking at the pictures. Riding the tractors, feeding the goats, the horses, hay and trucks. 

There is not much sweeter than a child and their books.


  1. It's so lovely when you catch little ones reading their favourite stories back to themselves, and from the sound of these two he's got excellent choice!

  2. Oh I think it's lovely that you can keep Ty's memories about family fresh through books. I've got a far more independent reader on my hands too lately, he loves grabbing a book and "reading" it for himself or his sister.
    And you're right, there isn't much cuter than seeing a kid with their nose in a book. x

  3. I have too agree, I love to see Moo sitting there reading a book, or trying too. She Loves books and I think she gets it from me and I am so pleased she does, she is constantly reading to her "friends" (teddies) or her brother.


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