Sunday, May 26, 2013

9 months baby girl

Ember is really hitting new milestones fast. She is army crawling around the house. She can move from a crawl to sitting up by herself. She can move around at intense speeds. One minute she is by my feet and the next she can be in the other room. 

Miss Ember still has never taken a bottle. She gets drinks through out the day in a big girl cup just like mommy and daddys. Each morning I get up and mix up 24 oz of formula and just make sure she drinks it all by the end of the day. She eats three big meals a day when we sit down as a family. Usually rice cereal mixed with a fruit/veggie and a meat. 

She loves Graham crackers, cheerios, bananas and baby puffs. 

She wakes up each morning smiling and playing in her crib. I often wonder how long she has been awake with out me knowing. 

She cut her first tooth. You can see it popping out of the gums if your really looking up close. I have stuck my finger in there to feel a few times and I don't think I will be doing that anymore. Ouch.... Those little teeth are sharp. 

She is now saying mama and dada. 
She said mama first but as soon as she learned dada she stopped saying mama for a few weeks. 

She sleeps all night. I honestly don't remember the last time I woke up in the night with her. She also takes multiple naps through the day. I have to say we are pretty lucky with her sleep schedule. 

Ember is always melting my heart. Every time she looks up at me with her big blue eyes I just melt. 


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