Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mrs. January..

There is this blog. Its called with a touch of pretty. It's written by this girl. Cate.
She is fantastic. 
I seriously leave her blog inspired every time. She writes a post every month on her weight loss journey. 
Its sweet, fun and motivational. 
 Lets get started shall we. 
I am not looking to shed a ton of weight. That is not my goal.
All I want is to lose my baby weight. But when you gain 50lbs during your pregnancy its rough.
Yes, Mrs. January is happy.
No, she doesn't fit into her regular pants.
My goal for Mrs. January is to be healthy. Eat clean. Drink water. and be a happy healthy girl. 
Exercise...yes, if you follow along you know I LOVE to work out. 
I love to do cardio yes, but I LOVE to lift weights. Is that so weird??? 
However, I haven't lifted since before Ember was born. So im kinda a sissy pants again. 
back to square one. 
Gotta start somewhere though right. 
Can I stay Motivated?  Can I do the work??!

Hopefully by the time Mrs. February rolls around she might break the 130's plateau. 
That is THREE pounds.
lets see what she brings... 

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  1. You can do it!! Drink lots of water and green tea and exercise!!!


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