Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My little Binki babies.

These two are my world. That is no secrete. They are what I fill my day with.
Diapers. nursing. snack time. play time. snuggles. 
wiping noses, tears, bums.
playing cars. pickaboo
baby talk.

Here are a few of my favorite things about my little ones. . . . 

By the morning time rolls around I wake up to Ty
...who has made his way into our bed. . .
 and I'm not the mommy who can kick him out.   

Ty is totally a co-sleeper. 
He falls asleep every night to either Jayson or mines
touch. Either we rock him to sleep, lay with him in his bed
or sit to the side holding his hand.
He falls asleep and I slowly and quietly make my way out of his room. 
As soon as he wakes up (usually three or four in the morning)
he makes his way into our bed. 

Ty is so much like me. So tender and sensitive to all things. 
He loves to snuggle. 
As soon as I pull his little body into our bed he wraps his 
arms around my neck and presses his face up against mine. 

My heart melts.
 and although I am usually uncomfortable
the peace that fills my heart sooths me to sleep.

 Now miss Ember. . .
I can't even begin to explain how sweet she is. 
She has this smile that makes everyone stop and stare.
 and a laugh that is so happy and excited. 

I know in my heart that she knows she is loved.
As soon as our eyes meet she smiles so big. 
She knows I am her mommy and 
she knows that I love her. 



  1. Awwww, I love how your love for them shines through in this post. They are very lucky to have such a lovely mama. Adorable. X

  2. they are too cute for words!! we love following your darling blog!
    come enter our giveaway here!!

  3. They are SO beautiful!! Look at her big blue eyes!!!!

  4. Awww...beautiful post!


  5. They are darling! You just described our bedtime ritual with our little guy almost exactly! He falls asleep with me rocking him or laying with him. And wakes up by three or four! How funny?!

  6. when i first read the title i thought it said "bikini babies" haha i had to come check out what that was all about! i quickly realized i misread it. i love how they both have the same eyes! soooo darling those 2 are!


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