Wednesday, December 12, 2012

3 years love

3 years ago..
I did my hair, put on my dress and took a deep breath.
 I was about to start my forever.

Jayson and I said "YES!" 
in the St. George Utah Temple
December 11, 2009

It was a day full of family, friends 
and love.

lots and lots of kisses

Jayson and I didn't date long.
Not even a month, before we got engaged. 

I knew Jayson was the one for me after our second date. 
He was funny, kind, sweet, smart
and had shoulder muscles that made me weak.

He was easy to talk to..
We sat in front of the ice cream shop
on that second date.
Eating our ice cream and flirting. 
With no idea at all I looked at my phone and
realized it was past 3am. 
 We were dating semi long distance
so I had over an hours drive home. 
On the way I smiled and sang and cried. 
I knew he was the one I would spend my forever with.
The one I would share my life with. 
The one who would take me to Applebees

Three years later 

I think the third year has been our best.
We are more comfortable with each other than ever.
We know all our strengths and weaknesses. 
We know how to make each other laugh and cry.
 We are sillier than ever. 
Tease and even flirt more. 

I often still feel like I have a crush on my husband. 
He makes me giddy and excited. 
Like I want  to doodle our names on paper outlined in hearts. 

Jayson knows my heart.
and he loves me
I will always love him.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love that temple!

  2. All of your pictures are gorgeous! Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a sweet story!

  4. Awwww, happy anniversary. We had our third wedding anniversary too early this year. It's just amazing to look back and then look at now and see how much has changed in such a small amount of time, from being just two to being four.
    Congratulations. And your wedding looks beautiful. X

  5. Happy anniversary! Loved the photos - the first one with the fountains is WOW!

  6. Happy Anniversary!Your story is so beautiful!You are an awesome couple!

  7. Happy anniversary! My husband and I have been together 3.5 years now and I couldn't agree more with your sentiments at the end of this post. Marriage seems to get better and better with time. Bookmarking this post for when I write my 4 year anniversary post in July...thanks for the inspiration.

  8. What a great post! Happy Anniversary!

  9. Oh my goodness! That seems like yesterday. What a great day. You guys were meant to be. Love you both!

  10. Congrats, your family is perfect and you two are cute!


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