Thursday, August 16, 2012

my mini watermelon

 I'm having two main loves today.
My kiddos...
Ty can't get enough of his blocks!
I find them EVERYWHERE:) 

He is getting so creative with them.
..and is always so proud of his work.

He makes sure I see everything before he 
starts something new.

LOVE him


 *Went to the doctor for my 39 weeks appointment.
Ember is now the size of a mini watermelon!
  *Got scheduled to induce one day before my due date.
 -That's one week from today...AUGUST 23
 ahhh, so exciting!!

LOVE her


  1. Yay for an induction date set!!

  2. Aw fabulous loves! It really is the small things we should be looking at! Hope things go well for you :)


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