Thursday, August 16, 2012


Happy about:
 -The fact that I hit 39 weeks on Friday!

-I got the MOST AWESOME birthday presents.

 Jays hooked it up with the NIKON D3100 kit.

-Mom and Dad got me an I pod touch.

-Vance and Eileen got me a BEAUTIFUL 
huge set of scriptures.

Searching for: 
Time. I feel like I can't get ready, Ty ready
the crafts I want to do and clean the house all in one day.

Freezer meals this weekend!!
Like I am about ready to pop...O wait I am.
but if one more person tells me 
"You look like your about to pop" 
I'll either start bawling or punch them in the face.
Most likely start bawling...It's not a nice thing to say.

 To get a prenatal massage on Friday.
YUP, I'm excited!

Harvesting Kale


  1. Wonderful camera! I am on the count down to baby also (25 days!). Where did you get your yellow top- I have the hardest time finding cute maternity clothes!

  2. Oh please, about to pop. I pray I look as good as you if I ever have a baby!
    Cannot wait to see the photos with the new camera! Happy birthday to you!

  3. Maybe we should just start a campaign that all anyone ever gets to say to a preggo momma is, 'wow you look great!'. That's it. haha.

  4. You look BEAUTIFUL. I can't believe you are almost there!! Enjoy your prenatal massage, lucky lady :)

  5. You so amazing! I'm so excited for you :)

    A prenatal massage sounds deserve it!


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